Gluten and Dairy Free

gluten free disneyThis site needed a simple visual solution to combine multiple existing blogs. Now their home page gives the cohesive start that will extend to the other portions of their sites on the next project wave and collaborate with the social media campaign launch.

A Wiser Psychotherapy

awiserA custom site built to establish a safe and trustworthy environment for new and existing patients to schedule and learn about their local practitioner. By keeping the design current and responsive, this launches a sense of credibility that gives A Wiser Psychotherapy the edge.

American Preventive Care

apcThis is a great example of enhancing an existing site. This store was running slow, and crashing regularly. By switching hosting and upgrading theme, we sped up the process without confusing existing customers by changing the logos and color schemes they were used to seeing. Now, a full product catalog is integrated through automatic updates and response time soars.